The Objective

The Club Carlson brand, of Carlson Rezidor Hotels Group, tasked us with generating a program that would accomplish two set objectives: 1) grow the Club Carlson twitter community, and 2) show new and existing followers the value of being a part of the Club Carlson Twitter community. 


Our Solution

The execution of the #HashtagHotel promotion was implemented in two stages:

  • PHASE 1: Incentivize target markets to join Club Carlson’s Twitter community by rewarding them with 1,000 Gold Points for following Club Carlson on Twitter

  • PHASE 2: Reward and engage Club Carlson’s Twitter community by turning Club Carlson’s Twitter account private for 24-hours and offer exclusive prizing, travel influencers Q&A’s and highlight Carlson Rezidor properties from across the globe. The second phase of the program was manned with a minimum of 4 team members for all 24-hours each with different responsibilities, including monitoring all hashtag responses, posting scheduled content and responses to tweets, picking and notifying qualified giveaway winners.


  • By privatizing Club Carlson’s Twitter handle, we created an exclusive environment for the Club Carlson Twitter community that generated 3.2MM total impressions.

  • Reports show that the #HashtagHotelPromo hashtag trended nationally within 15 minutes of the campaign launch and 8 times, resulting in nearly 11K uses, during the 24-hours with a community of only 17K followers (Competing on the same tier as Jay-Z and Solange). In fact, mentions in just 2 days nearly surpassed the previous 3 months combined.

  • With the constant monitoring and immediate responses, followers expressed strong positivity throughout the entire 24-hours.

  • By targeting specific theaters at key times, we were also able to keep engagement consistent, giving the opportunity to expand eligibility to broader audiences in more countries.

  • Brand advocacy and engagement were also accomplished by leveraging personalized content from local properties, with 3K referrals to

  • By the end of the entire promotion, 6,150 new followers had been gained with 9,123 pageviews from social, creating 312% increase in share-of-voice versus competitors.

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